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"At Correia & Associados we are proud to always aim for the simpler solutions to our clients problems, hence the reason why we chose inutilia truncat as our motto."

"Our relation with our Clients is based on very strong values:"





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"Correia & Associados" is a small law boutique based in Caldas da Rainha, although we do sponsor cases all over Portugal.
With two partners - Artur Correia and Sandra Mónica Correia - we are a law firm practising in all areas of the legal profession. Only a few years ago the Portuguese Bar Association created the category of Advogados Especialistas (Specialist Lawyers or Solicitors). The degree of specialization is limited to a few areas of practise, e.g. fiscal law, administrative law, labour law, etc… . It is still a developing concept.
We are qualified to advocate in all areas of the Law, which we do on a regular basis. This enables us to have a wider perspective of all the legal aspects involved in each case, to organize and to plan ahead the most adequate solution for every client.
With 18 years of professional experience, both the associates have developed high skills in Fiscal and Aministrative Law, Foreign Investment, Real Estate, Civil and Comercial Law as well as Criminal Law.

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